"I Bought A House With Cash... Using My First Years Funds ... I No Longer Need Money... But I'll Happily Still Make Loads Of It…"

"If You Seriously Want a Stress-Free Way To MAKE AT LEAST SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS PROFIT EVERY WEEK … With ZERO RISKS … I Can Show You How…"

You'll need about $30 - $50 to start … access to the Internet … a basic calculator… and 30 minutes of your lunch break…

In fact, even if you are absolutely incompetent, I'd be amazed if you couldn't make at least a few hundred dollars per week doing this...

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Only 43 More People Can Be Accepted

This Is A Time Sensitive Opportunity - Take Action Now


I guarantee that in the next few minutes, you'll know the easiest way on the planet to make CONSISTENT WEEKLY PROFITS, by giving up just 30 minutes of your lunch break...

In fact, I've even come up with a way for you to try this out for yourself at home, completely WITHOUT RISK!

img0052And let me make one thing absolutely clear from the start:

This is NOT a silly get rich quick scheme … it's NOT MLM … gambling … investments … or the stock markets. It's just a really simple and genuine way for you to generate a steady income from the internet, to secure your financial future with relatively little effort.

In fact, as I said above, no matter what your current job is, if you can't make money with this, then I'll be absolutely amazed. And I should know because…

The Very First Week I Tried This Myself I Made a CLEAR PROFIT OF $784 …

In other words, I averaged $112.00 PER DAY … and although the money came in over a 7 day period, what I actually did to get this cash took me just 30 minutes to do during my regular lunch break during a normal working day... A time when I would usually have been sat at my desk, in front of my PC, surfing the internet or playing games on my Tablet anyway.

It's just an amazing way to make some extra cash online.

As for the total costs to actually do it?

Well that's what I really love the most about this. The costs are virtually ZERO (I'll tell you more about this later).

Which is why, even if you were absolutely incompetent, I genuinely believe you'd still make a few hundred dollars weekly. Indeed, it's just a matter of following a simple set of instructions … instructions that are so straightforward it's actually really difficult to see how you could go wrong.

But before I reveal this to you, I should very quickly let you know how I originally came across this.

Lunch With A Multi-Millionaire Friend Of Mine In London…

image4Okay, well let me just introduce myself. My name is Nick James, I'm 39 years old and I live in Reading, Berkshire where I run a little home-based product development business. Though I should add that this business is NOT what this letter is about.

I only mention it because being in the business I'm in, I get to regularly meet up with some extremely successful and wealthy individuals, including the man that originally mentored me 14 years ago. Now in his mid fifties and living in London, he's just released a book about his business strategies and how he became a Multi-Millionaire at the age of just 47.

And it was during lunch with this friend that I found out something very, very interesting to say the least … something which I suppose has lead to me writing to you today.

Now I won't bore you with everything we talked about, because most of the conversation related to his book launch and how it had recently become a Sunday Times best seller and a few weeks earlier had also been featured as a WHSmith book of the week.

It was actually something he casually mentioned towards the end of our meeting, which REALLY MADE ME SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE … something which he subsequently promised to mail to me.

Well, to cut a long story short, about 3 weeks after that lunch meeting…

Finally, one morning I received a delivery of a very small brown cardboard box…

Now, having waited 3 weeks, to say I was curious was an understatement to say the least. So I took the tiny box indoors and opened it immediately. The first thing I found inside was a scribbled note, which simply read:

hand written note

After reading his hastily-written note, I immediately removed the rest of the packaging which lay underneath the note.

Inside was the most unusual electronic device I'd ever seen…

It was a small MP3 player with a bright orange logo printed on the side which simply read: "The Fiverr Formula"

I'll tell you more about the intriguing title and explain exactly what this 'business' is in just a minute, but what I'll say for now is that it has something to do with using the Internet in a very novel kind of way.

I say novel because unlike all the other systems and business plans I have seen in the past, this has NOTHING to do with Network Marketing, MLM, eBay, Amazon, List Building, Affiliate Programs, Developing Products, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, ClickBank... or Selling T-shirts.

Since I'd already seen virtually everything there was to see and study about making money on the Internet … OR AT LEAST I NAIVELY THOUGHT SO AT THE TIME … I wasn't sure what to expect when I turned on the mp3 and put in the earbuds for the first time.

But I was more than pleasantly surprised and I can assure you, this was definitely NO ordinary system.

Indeed, I would go as far as saying that I was in possession of the most unusual AND PROVEN money making formula that the ORDINARY PERSON in the street could start using immediately, in order to begin generating an additional income from the Internet.

By following this system YOU DON'T have to invest a fortune on marketing before you start seeing your business profits. PLUS... this business model completely removes all the hurdles that could possibly have been holding you back from running a successful home-based internet business before now. For example:

  • No Need To Register A Domain Name
  • No Need To Pay For Web Hosting
  • No Need To Build A Website (Or Blog)
  • No Need To Pay For An Autoresponder Email Service
  • No Need To Build An Email Database
  • No Need To Write Sales Letters
  • No Need To Rebrand Anything
  • No Need To Process Credit Card Payments
  • No Need To Start From Scratch

In effect, what had been delivered to my door that morning, loaded onto that little MP3 Player, was a FULL SET OF SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS

The audio recording centered around a man called Paul H****** (I've blanked out part of his last name to protect his identity at this stage) … but needless to say he is a regular guy who has a background in 'broadcast media' and used to work all hours of the day and night to make ends meet by researching and producing radio and TV shows … But is now making a fortune online with his proven Fiverr Formula method…

As I began to listen to the system instructions, it quickly became clear that I had in my possession information which could open the door to a new life on easy street for not just the computer and tech savvy.. but more importantly, for the majority... people just like YOU and ME.

A real way for the average person in the street to start making a consistent second income from the Internet on a part-time basis. You could easily organize everything so that it takes just 30 minutes a day (or up to 60-90 minutes if you want to - in order to generate three times the money).

The choice is yours... After all, why limit yourself?

However long you decide to spend on your new business, whether you decide to get up half an hour earlier in the morning, go to bed half an hour later... or simply decide to give up half of your lunch break each day - That's all the time it takes to put this formula into action, as you'll discover as you go through the system training.

What would you do with the extra cash being deposited into your bank account?

carPay Off Your Credit Cards Make Your Car Payments... Treat Yourself To A Luxury 5-Star Vacation... Buy A New Dream Car ... Send Your Kids To Private School ... Help With The Cost Of College... Save Up For The Down Payment On A House... Or Maybe Just Pay Cash For A New House? ...

I know what that sounds like, but that's exactly what the Fiverr Formula is more than capable of delivering. In fact during the introduction section of the Formula you'll hear Paul H****** talk about Mark who was able to go and buy a new home in Chicago entirely from his first year's profits from this business. Then he enjoyed completely remodeling and redesigning his home the following year - No expenses spared - Paid in cash again ... All thanks to The Fiverr Formula 🙂

Obviously, understanding how you could accomplish any of these things would make much more sense if you were to listen to the audio system for yourself (more on this shortly).

He Was Making Thousands of Dollars Profit Each and Every Month…

By now I was very excited and completely forgot about my earlier presumptions about this being 'just another Internet opportunity'.

On the contrary, listening to the formula I quickly realized how this was completely different to all the other 'business opportunities' out there... especially when it came to the point in the program when I was 'eavesdropping' on a conversation between Paul and Mark, about how, not only had Mark bought a house with his profits, but he had also taught the formula to a friend of his named Doug who had previously been going through an extremely tough time after losing his job and had to apply for welfare benefits and food stamps. Yet in his first month, was able to make a few hundred dollars. And then in his second month and every month thereafter ... he began to make SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS PROFIT EVERY MONTH… with NO RISKS… virtually NO OVERHEADS… and while working only a FEW HOURS each week!

As I sat in silence and just listened, the entire process was being laid out to me … in graphic detail … exactly

Skeptical? Well I Don't Blame You...

Once again, I'm sorry if that sounds a bit over the top, but if you had been there listening to the audio recording, you'd understand the logic of why he is able to do this … you'd understand the 'mechanics' if you like, of exactly how this works.

img0054As you can imagine, I was totally engrossed. So much so that I lost all track of time. 60 minutes had passed and I was only half way through the training (maybe not even that far).

Yet I had heard enough already to realize that this was something that the ordinary person in the street could use to make consistent profits every week of the year with very little start-up capital.

I eventually pressed the pause button, took out my earbuds and put the MP3 player down on the table in front of me and just sat there quietly for a few minutes thinking about the consequences of what I had just heard.

My mind was racing as I began to add up the potential figures in my head and my thoughts turned to the kind of freedom and lifestyle this would make possible for virtually anyone who decided to do what Paul was revealing on a full-time basis rather than just part-time.


Basically, he had developed a simple Internet Income Stream using a technique called micro-jobbing (Providing services and solutions to a variety of online customers for a set low fee).


By the way, if you have heard of micro-jobbing before, I can promise you, NOT in the way you're about to find out … and if you don't know what micro-jobbing is, don't worry, it's not in the least bit complicated. I'll explain more and give you some income examples in a second, which graphically illustrate how small micro-jobs of just of $4-$5 a per time can accumulate to $2,000-$5,000 a month incomes … it's fascinating!!

So please stick with this because you DO NOT want to miss what I'm about to reveal…

To be honest, when I first heard the phrase micro-jobbing I was slightly disappointed. As a product developer and internet publisher I've read just about everything there is to read about Internet opportunities and out-sourcing. I don't think there is a manual out there that I haven't got on my shelf or a seminar I haven't been to.

So when Paul had begun to mention websites like eLance and Fiverr I wasn't expecting anything I didn't know already.

However, as I listened on it was quickly becoming clear that what I was hearing was very different … very different indeed.

To put it bluntly, what I had in front of me was literally the key to earning thousands of dollars a month with zero costs while micro-jobbing for as many customers as you like. A detailed step-by-step method so precise, that whether Paul, you or I use it, it will work in the same way.

In actual fact, what he does is so obvious it makes you wonder how on earth no one's thought of this little twist before.

Paul is making a healthy and regular second income. Yet all he is doing is giving up half of his lunch break every day to GUARANTEE that additional income…

cofee-shopIn fact, LAST MONTH, from just ONE micro-jobbing website, Paul received a total of $3,512.05 into his bank account via PayPal.

Furthermore, all this was achieved whilst he was out-and-about sitting in his favorite coffee shop in town, enjoying a few specially made Cappuccinos, where he doesn't even have to pay for Internet access.

And since this business is run entirely on the Internet, from a laptop computer, the costs are virtually non-existent. He doesn't even spend a penny on advertising … his total ad budget for last year for example was ZERO!

Think about it:

Total cost to join a micro-jobbing website:                            ZERO
Total marketing costs per year                                                   ZERO
Yet his total Average WEEKLY profit from
the formula LAST MONTH was an AMAZING:                     $878.02 PER WEEK

When you also consider that there are probably hundreds of thousands of micro-jobbing opportunities available on any given day … and that new opportunities are posted online all the time... This Fiverr Formula System will continue to generate a profit no matter how many people turn their hand to spending their time fulfilling micro-jobbing requests.

… and that Paul had been making an extra $3,000 PER MONTH by delivering just 20 different types of micro-jobs a month… you begin to appreciate why he is on his way to becoming Financially Independent at such a young age.

Micro Jobbing Has Become A Huge Success In The Europe - Be Among The First To Enjoy The Profits As This Takes Off Here In The UK

Now, just in case you've not heard of micro-jobbing before now, let me quickly explain. Basically, the craze started in the USA and is now quickly being adopted in the UK and Europe. The craze has been fueled by the economy, with many companies being careful not to take on too many full time employees. Instead they find freelancers (this is where you come in) to handle small projects and one off jobs for them (micro jobs).

When you sign up as a Micro Jobber (or freelancer) … which incidentally is completely FREE … you are able to tap into a community of over 3 Million micro job offers at any one time. So there's plenty of opportunity for everyone.


It's knowing which kind of micro-jobs to accept and work on and which to avoid like the plague that's THE REAL SECRET to all this and what makes Paul's Formula so valuable.

Once you know what to look for and what to avoid, the rest of the process is like child's play.

Based on the criteria YOU set in the system, the Micro-Jobbing website hands you your next job on a silver platter... and after you have completed the task, you get paid immediately.

HINT: The formula Paul reveals shows you in detail how to only accept micro jobs that you can complete in super-fast time... (Let's say something you can do in just 3 minutes, maybe less)...

Trust me, you are not going to have to 'slave away' at this. The idea is to enjoy what you're doing and make a healthy additional income for you and your family, NOT to struggle - far from it.

In fact, this is perhaps one of the most relaxing and enjoyable business opportunities I have seen for A VERY LONG TIME, and you can get started knowing that:

img0055There are NO calls to make … NO postage costs … NO advertising costs … NO products to produce … NO credit cards to process … NO stock to hold … NO commuting … No direct selling … NO staff… NO office … NO labor … NO bad debts … NO experience ... NO marketing costs… and most of all - NO HEADACHES!

Essentially the micro-jobbing platform automatically gives you the next micro-job as soon as it comes in... And pays you immediately the moment you've delivered it... (keeping back a small percentage commission for themselves in return for finding and giving you the job).

What's more is that YOU can set the time scales for how quickly you'll complete a task, even if it does only take you just 3 minutes to do, you simply let the system know you'll deliver within 3-5 days (or however long you decide). Remember YOU ARE IN CHARGE here.

In other words, you are your OWN BOSS. This is a genuine way to make a regular second income online each week but WITHOUT the hassle of designing a WEBSITE and WITHOUT spending hours trying to drive traffic to it.

There are no technical headaches to hold you back, as everything can be run directly from the micro jobbing website and via email.

In a moment I'll show you how I tested Paul's formula out for myself… and how the very first week I took action and having never done any micro-jobbing before…

... I made a profit of over $784

Quite honestly, it's a fantastic way to generate an additional income, either on a part-time basis running along-side your existing work commitments (at a time to suit you) or on a full-time basis where it could easily provide you with an $130,000+ annual income and a perfect stress-free lifestyle to match.

As I mentioned above, micro-jobbing has already taken the USA by storm and is now part of a HUGE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR growing industry, increasingly being reported by the World's press as the next work-from-home phenomena.

Traditional media channels like BBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Fox News, as well as online media such as Facebook, Yahoo and many others, have recently been reporting on the craze.

It doesn't matter what your particular skills sets are, there are millions of requests for micro-jobs online at any one time from sensible things like Graphic Design and Audio Editing to Writing & Translation, Transcribing and Programming ..

As well as fun, strange and bizarre requests such as: Holding up a sign in Times Square New York, handing out leaflets, promising to "be your Girlfriend" on Facebook, juggling a running chainsaw or writing a short message using 'Alphabet Spaghetti' and many other equally strange requests. 🙂

No matter what market or niche that you pick, you'll be sure to find a micro-job request out there for it.

Think about that for a minute.

The possibilities are endless!

But let's imagine for a moment... You are struggling to think what services you can provide...

Let's take the LAST bizarre example; which by the way is a REAL SERVICE that's being offered by one person right here in the United Kingdom... And has already been bought and paid for by over 400 people to date.... I think you have all the skills you need to open a tin of 'Alphabet Spaghetti' and arrange the letters to spell out a message... don't you?....

If you think that's an odd service to provide... Then you may be surprised to know that several thousand people have paid for several other equally strange and bizarre services this year already.

And I'm sure it wouldn't take too long to deliver a service like that either.

So, no matter what hobbies or interests you have, no matter what you are good at, no matter what your skill set, I KNOW you have everything you need in order to start micro-jobbing and start making money with this TODAY.

In 6-12 months time for instance, you could have left your current employment and be making your living online micro-jobbing … earning you more money … and working far fewer hours…

Yet this can be achieved WITHOUT having to develop any products or spending time and money developing a website, paying for advertising, building an email newsletter list or walking the streets trying to find new customers.

img0005In this (crazy) example for instance, you could earn your living by micro-jobbing and delivering the easiest of requests. The possibilities really are endless.

Remember, this is just an example, we may be talking about a Fun and Bizarre world of arranging Alphabet Spaghetti here, but equally, you can apply all the life skills and work skills YOU ALREADY HAVE to this business and you could quickly start making a living micro-jobbing in any niche market you like... The choice is yours.

Weekly, Monthly And Yearly Income Example Summary…

I realize that the idea of micro-jobbing could be new to you, so perhaps it doesn't all make sense right now about exactly how profitable it can become.

So I thought it might help if we looked at a quick illustration.

Now, I know the following table is merely hypothetical but I've used it to graphically demonstrate how small, seemingly insignificant, micro-job profits can build up quickly.

OK! Now imagine you offer say 10 Different Micro-Job Services Online and all you were making was an average of just $3 - $15 per Micro-job you completed.

Based on this information, look at the following table and you'll see the kind of return you could expect to see in relation to these averages if you sold just 1 of each of these jobs a day.


Okay? Now study the table once again. In this illustration, even if you were to make an average of just $5 from each of your 10 different micro-job offerings (for example) per day … from what could be millions of daily requests made through the micro-jobbing platform…

…astonishingly you'd still be making $1,500 PER MONTH PURE PROFIT by simply giving up just 30 minutes each day.

Now imagine if, after your first 10 Micro-Job services were set-up on the micro-jobbing platform, you now REPEATED the process with ANOTHER 10 job offerings or products …

So in other words, you'd essentially now have 20 different micro jobs listed on the system.

Let's look at how this would effect the results based on earning an average of just $4 - $15 per day from each job offering.


Now are you beginning to see the potential?

And don't forget, you DON'T have to pay to advertise your services online or process any credit card payments. In fact, there's virtually zero-risk … and no obligation. You can even extend delivery times, start a waiting list and even CANCEL ORDERS completely if you get too busy!

Which brings me to one very important point…

You can't JUST sign up to to be a freelance micro-jobber and expect to make your fortune.

Admittedly, most micro-jobbing websites have a really good 'help & support area' where they've clearly taken lots of time to put together a guide which 'shows you the ropes' for stepping into the world of being a freelance micro-jobber... But if you follow their plan I'm afraid you WON'T make much money.

If you don't believe me, try it for yourself after you've read this letter.

Of course, to be fair, it's not their fault. Sure, they want you to do well so that they make money themselves (a small commission on each job you complete). But the road-map they hand you is obviously designed to build their name, their reputation and their sales.

They can end up getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits automatically … whilst you have to keep working like crazy for peanuts.

Paul H******s' secret little Fiverr Formula works differently...

Which is why his income is increasing every single month … he's already well on the way to becoming financially free and living an ideal lifestyle…

Basically, it can do the same for you too. Paul's Fiverr Formula shows you how to earn an income from ANY of the Millions Of Products and Services listed at any one time on the micro-jobbing websites (which are available for other people to buy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). But remember, you are in complete control of WHEN and HOW LONG you decide to work.

Our recommendation is JUST 30 MINUTES A DAY. This is all you need to invest in order to start seeing real results.

And this, essentially, is the very reason why the remarkable audio program and supporting documentation came to light in the first place.


The Fiverr Formula Original
“Core Training” Audio Recording

It seems that Paul H*****s was recently persuaded by a friend of his to reveal his system publicly for the first time ever.

However, he ONLY agreed to do this on the following 2 conditions:

Firstly that…

He would personally ONLY teach this to 30 People in the World

Not a single person more … just 30 and that would be it …he'd only do it this once and NEVER reveal his system publicly again. And secondly…


He'd prove to everyone how simple this was by doing it all over a Skype call

NO complex charts… NO meetings… NO need to travel anywhere… NO technical manuals…


Anyone listening would be able to understand. In fact, all they needed was about $50 - $80, access to the Internet and a basic calculator. Which is what I liked, because as you probably know, most people don't understand anything about the technical aspects of the Internet, such as setting up websites or driving traffic (Which makes this ideal for the average person to understand).

In return, he agreed to teach each of the 30 individuals, whom by the way had all paid a lot of money for the privilege, exactly what to do and show them how any ordinary person can start this today … and literally earn thousands of dollars every month for the rest of their lives!

It's the recording of this original audio training session that was saved on the MP3 player I received that day. The ‘core training’ of what I later found to be referred to as the first module in a much larger Fiverr Formula Training System.

Having listened to the audio recording from start to finish as well as read the transcript from cover to cover I have to say, I'm extremely impressed... And that was before I learned about the additional training materials ... (which I'll tell you more about shortly...).

Which is precisely why, the day after I finished listening to the MP3 Player I decided to look Paul up on the Internet and then gave him a call. I wanted to know more about the man (and the core-training) that I had been listening so excitedly to earlier that morning.

I wanted to know what he really thought about micro-jobbing... how he was getting along... if there were any new updates or secrets that he left out of his original presentation, but he would be able to tell me 'off the record' ...

The long and short of it was that he invited me to come over to his home the following Monday. And it was what followed on that day which REALLY convinced me that I had discovered something special here.


"If you follow the system Nick, you'll make an amazing income … but you must be patient…"


When I arrived at his place we talked about the audio recording and his own experiences with the Fiverr Formula and I began to understand even more about how the formula worked.

I discovered that to implement the Fiverr Formula, you needed to carry out a series of SPECIFIC tasks.

This you'll need to do over a period of a few weeks.

Of course, you can still make profits during that time … in just days of starting as a matter of fact … but to get to the stage where you can earn thousands of dollars monthly, realistically you need to do this one SPECIFIC task over a few weeks.

Now if that disappoints you … if you're disappointed that you're not going to be a millionaire by dinner time … I'm sorry, but this is NOT another Internet get rich quick scheme. Yes, you can make a serious income and enjoy an incredible lifestyle by doing this, but you have to be a little patient to begin with.

As I have already stated, if you had listened to the Formula as I had you would immediately understand the logic behind the Formula and you would understand why doing it in the way Paul explained, will make you bigger profits - and more consistent profits - and give you the lifestyle you deserve at the same time.

Actually, I'm 100% sure that you'd be more than happy to progress slowly but surely while knowing the end results …

Especially when you hear how several other people, coached by Paul, have gone on to become extremely successful, perhaps from simply listening to the 'Core Training' he originally provided to his 30 Private Students or perhaps as a result of digesting one of the additional system modules that Paul was willing to show me, which were neatly laid out on his dining room table.

Paul explained that soon after he had recorded the original skype training, he’d then gone on to spend several further weeks/months researching every corner of the Internet for additional tips, techniques, ideas and resources to help his students even more… He showed me several additional training materials he had just finished creating, to build upon the original core training.

PLUS: During this extra time he also managed to secure several exclusive interviews with other highly successful micro-jobbing experts just as he had alluded to during the 'core training'.

Paul graciously handed all of these additional audio recordings, interview notes and pretty much all of his additional research over to me. I was a little taken back with his generosity to say the least.

Included in the extra armful of information Paul handed over to me were all these extra items:

The Fiverr Formula Original “Core Training” Written Transcript

bookThe core training is made more effective with a fully typed transcript of the original skype call Paul recorded. Every spoken word has been captured into a full length PDF document which includes various examples of all the things Paul teaches and mentions during the course of the original core training.

This transcript is not available anywhere else and can only be obtained as part of The Fiver Formula.

This transcript is valued at exactly the same price as thecore training audio recording which I paid $197 to be able to keep and use.

Secret Success Interview With The Micro-Jobber That Bought His House Thanks To This

bonus3Within the opening few minutes of the ‘core training’ audio that Paul had recorded onto the MP3 player, Paul mentioned that he knew of one guy that ended up buying his house within just a year of becoming a freelance micro-jobber.

Well true to his word, Paul tracked him down and asked for an interview. The result was an amazing fast paced recording where Mark began by describing how he learnt about micro-jobbing completely by accident! Yet still in his first year he bought a new home from the proceeds of his new online adventure (And he paid cash)!

The recording then goes on uninterrupted for another 55 minutes, giving so many non-stop tips and techniques to help anyone considering getting into the world of micro-jobbing to get started, make the most from the opportunity and avoid the pitfalls.

This interview is valued at $40 for retail purposes, but it’s true value is priceless.

Secret Interview with The Micro-Jobber That Makes Her Full Time Living Just By ‘Speaking’

bonus4Believe it or not, making money from your voice is not as strange as you may first think. After all, every radio advertisment, TV commercial, as well as literally hundreds of thousands of web videos all need to have a ‘voice’ in some form or another… And that’s exactly how Linnea, a Top Rated Seller on the Fiverr platform, makes her full time living online.

In this second extra Interview, Paul catches up with Linnea to ask her how she discovered Fiverr and got started, as well as more indepth questions and advice for anyone looking to follow in her footsteps.

As you will hear Linnea explain, you can literally sell anything for ‘a fiverr’ and that includes reading a simple message into a microphone, that a customer forwards onto you.

I thought I would give it a try and see what happened” says Linnea… and she hasn’t looked back since.

When asked during the interview how she would reassure anyone that Micro-Jobbing could provide a continuous string of orders and a healthy second income, Linnea freely admitted that she was cynical at first and then went onto say: “There’s no get rich quick scheme in the World that works… But if you are dedicated and offer great customer service… You don’t need to be selling something someone needs every day… If you offered something every person in the world needed just once… you’d easily make a fantastic income for yourself!

This second interview, just like the first, is valued at $40 for retail purposes, but it’s true value is priceless.

The Fiverr Formula Hot List Of The Most Popular Services To Offer

REP5-RenderAs you will discover from the ‘core training’ when Paul begins to explain the methodology behind what makes The Fiverr Formula tick and be so effective …. Is knowing which products and services to offer and which to ignore (get this one thing wrong and you will struggle to be successful).

This key information, together with a simple ‘hot list’ of products and service which details the most popular products being offered on the micro-jobbing platforms, will be one of the first reference guides you will refer to in order to ensure you are always operating your business in the most profitable way.

While this is a simple single page PDF report, the $30 retail price reflects the value of the information it contains, not simply the word count. In reality however it could save you so much time and money.

Video Tutorials – Account Kick Starter

videoAs with working with any new online interface or piece of software, it's handy to be able to look over the shoulder of an experienced user and see first hand where to click the mouse, what to type where and how to interact with the user dashboard.

Using the Fiverr Micro-Jobbing platform is no different, so Paul has written and produced a dozen or more handy videos showing your around the back-end of the website so you know exactly how to create your micro-jobbing account, set up your first job offering, as well as accepting and delivering your first order and of course the most important part of all... Withdrawing your earnings to your designated bank account so you can enjoy the financial rewards.

These step-by step video tutorials would command a stand alone price of $60 if sold separately.


insiderIn addition to the ‘core training’, this handy and powerful extra report will help you to kick-start your micro-jobbing earnings. Not only that, it will also help you to avoid many of the silly mistakes many newcomers make when embarking on their new career using the Fiverr platform.

So, you're in a much better position than anyone else because now you can skip over the potential hurdles that have held others back in the past and start your Fiverr business the right way!

Here just a small selection of what you’ll discover in this fantastic extra report:


  • What Sells On Fiverr And How To Choose Profitable Niches
  • Killer Ideas To Get You Started
  • Seduce Your Customers By Creating Compelling Gigs
  • Extra Traffic Strategies To Make Your Profit Soar
  • The Secrets Of Fiverr Insider
  • Proven Ways To Double Your Profits And Expand Your Business

This feature packed full length report should sell separately for $60 on other websites.

SYSTEM MODULE 8 & 9 of 10 
Private Membership Support & Project Cheat Sheets

bundleTo make sure that you have all the ongoing help and support that you need during your first couple of months of micro-jobbing, Paul has agreed to provide free ongoing help and support, 7 days a week, via the Internet Marketing Training Club private members only website.

Behind the log on page, you will find an area of the Internet which is reserved JUST for you and your fellow Fiverr Formula colleagues. You’ll be able to access extra training materials that Paul has just released, plus have exclusive access to the members discussion forum.

In addition to the extra online support that membership provides, this gated community also provides the idea platform to securely publish and make available for download, all of the transcripts, interview notes and ‘project cheat sheets’ that Paul creates each month. If you are ever struggling for an idea as to a product or service you can offer as a micro-job – Then look no further.

Paul releases a new ‘cheat sheet’ about once every 2 weeks, so you’ll always have a string of new ideas to copy or adapt and profit from. Plus of course the website support team continually publish many additional articles, videos and tutorials to help you further.

This incredible online resource center makes it even easier than ever before to make money with Micro-Jobbing because it contains everything you need in one place.

Designed with the aim of helping a small band of Internet Entrepreneurs to become independently wealthy, this 100% hype-FREE, Private Members-Only website, is for individuals interested in making serious money… individuals who every month of the year pay a subscription fee of $40/month to access this information on a daily basis.

But you can enjoy 2 months complimentary access so you too can access every resource… every tool… and enable you to fully TEST the membership site out for yourself before any further subscription amount is charged.

Personal Consultation Certificate Entitling You To A 1-2-1 Skype Consultation With Paul H*****s

Gurantee-Certificates-2Last but not least, for the next 48 hours only, I have also managed to include for you the opportunity to sit down and talk with Paul about YOUR strategies to make the most with Micro Jobbing on the Fiverr platform. This is an extremely high value bonus to include. The consulting session can be booked at your discretion.

You can ask him any questions you like about any aspect of the Fiverr Formula Training System. Ask him directly how to apply his Formula. Or perhaps find out what you should be doing differently with personal help direct from the expert himself.

This consultation carries a value of $300 [though in reality it’s almost impossible to put a value on such a consultation.]

*You must respond within 48 hours to have this valuable consultation included.

I Tested It Out And Made $784 in My First Week…

Anyway, to get back on track, as we discussed the Formula he invited me to sit behind his desk and test the system out for myself on a micro-jobbing platform he'd already joined.

It would be far quicker for me to use his account because he'd already spent the last few days doing something he strongly advises on the recording which you must do at the outset and takes a day or two to prepare.

All I basically did after logging into his account was to follow the instructions given in the Formula, then write around 5 lines of text as a description of the service I wanted to set up to offer, copied and pasted another ready-made message beneath that and finally clicked on the SAVE button.

In total, what we did that day, took about 12 minutes if I recall. And the cost to do it … ZERO …or virtually, apart from the cost of being connected to the Internet, which you'll need to be when you use the formula. Anyway, we're talking cents if anything, not dollars.

In fact, all I had to do was fill in a form to publish a 'listing' on a particular micro-jobbing website. That was it!

NO Technical headaches… NO dealing with anyone … NO writing anything creative (just 5 lines of text) … NO cost … and NO risk!

So how did my little test go?

Better than I could ever have imagined. In fact, in the 48 hours that followed from that thing I had done, which took me just 12 minutes, I generated $465 straight PROFIT.

For just 12 minutes 'work' … if you can call it that (it was only 5 lines of text after all) … I had been able to generate $465 of sales, which is more than most people earn in a day working 8 hours, doing something they don't even like very much.

Then, in the 7 days that followed, that amount rose to $784. For absolutely no extra work whatsoever..

I've since tried it at home myself … in a very small test … and found it just as easy to make money. Once again I followed the same simple formula and procedure.

This thing not only works, I just find it incredible what you can achieve for so little work.

Here's the ACTUAL screen shot of my first test results. In this case, virtually immediately, Paul and I started receiving new order notifications which would be paid directly by PayPal. In fact, from this one small screen shot alone, if you add it up, you'll see over 22 new orders and this was just a test remember:

That's all very interesting Nick, but what's it got to do with me?

Well now that I'd actually seen it working for myself, I became much more excited about this than when I'd first received the MP3 audio player a couple of days earlier.

So there was one burning question on my mind which I had to ask Paul, "How come nobody else in the UK is doing this?"

Now I can't profess to remember exactly how Paul replied, but it was along the lines of:

"No big secret Nick, it's just that they don't know about the Fiverr Formula … They don't actually know it even exists. Apart from the original 30 people, and a few others in America, no one else knows about it.

Which isn't a surprise. I own the Copyright and the License to the entire program but I've not had time to offer it yet here in the UK, as I've been abroad working on some other projects - and I'm not likely to have time until next year…"

So why am I telling you this?

Because it transpired that although he hadn't had the time to offer these yet, he did previously have a small duplication run of The Fiverr Formula audio recording saved onto a handful of additional MP3 players, which he'd shipped in from abroad.

The full audio recording of the entire formula had been saved on to professional silver colored MP3 player similar to an Apple iPod shuffle and housed in it's own custom library case

The purpose of doing this was so he could give a few individuals (like the wealthy individual who I'd originally had lunch with in London) the chance to review them as part of a testimonial gathering exercise he planned before deciding whether he was ever going to release them to the general public.

As he'd been so busy with his other business commitments, many of which are overseas, he hadn't got around to offering them yet … in fact, they were still sitting on his shelf the day I was in his office. Which is why I'm writing to you today.

How would YOU like to review the complete Fiverr Formula SYSTEM and 'test drive' everything from your home WITHOUT RISK…

Remember, you'll need about $50 - $80 to get started … access to the Internet… and a basic calculator.

And of course The Fiverr Formula System containing the audio instructions of the Formula which are all very easy to follow…

Indeed, if I were to send it to you tomorrow, the day you receive it you could sit down in front of a computer at home, at work or in an Internet Café and start this whole business off.

This is because each step of the Formula follows a logical sequence as Paul H*****s shows you exactly how to grow your business... and your bank account in the fastest way with zero guesswork.

It's all there for you to read along as you listen should you wish. However, believe me when I say this is perhaps one of the easiest business opportunities I've discovered and as I said at the start of this letter, I'd be absolutely amazed if you couldn't do this.

But won't sharing this information only create competition for you?

Not at all. Remember, the marketplace is HUGE. There are TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FREELANCERS AND MICRO-JOBBERS ON THE INTERNET ALREADY WITH MILLIONS OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES BEING OFFERED AND ACCEPTED EVERY DAY… and the amount of money being traded through eCommerce increases all the time.

Add to that equation the fact that there are millions of new businesses and domain names being set up every month and you get some idea as to the full potential of what you are staring at.

Bottom line?

Even if I wanted to, I couldn't possibly cope with the amount of micro-jobbing business that is out there and neither could Paul. It's a human impossibility. It's the reason Paul H****** shared his system in the first place. The Internet is basically 'too huge' for any one individual to keep to themselves … and he knows it!

He could show thousands of people how to make thousands of dollars monthly using his formula and it would not affect his own earnings in the slightest.

Okay, but if it's that good why aren't you doing it yourself?

I AM! I've already tested it and made a $784 profit in my first week remember and that was on a computer I didn't even own. I've also tested it at home on my own computer and have seen it work again and I'm going to continue using the Formula.

In fact, I'm really excited about this and how it's working for me. Each day now, I follow Paul H******'s system to the letter. It's not difficult … doesn't take much time … just 30 Minutes a day ... but just as I said, you need to be patient while you're doing this over the first few weeks if you want long-term and consistent, daily, weekly and monthly profits.

And for that and the lifestyle it brings, I am prepared to do this properly and wait a little. Which brings me to the question:

"Do You Want To Review One Of These Complete Fiverr Formula System Package?"

Well I'll get straight to the point because when something's this good you don't need any fancy 'inducements' or 'discounts' or 'buy-one-get-one free' type offers.

img0043Personally, I paid Paul $197 to be able to use his proven system. This was after I'd spent a couple of hours with him, checking everything out and only then putting what I had learned into practice. A price incidentally I was more than happy to pay … Remember, I did 'the test' sat at Paul's computer at his apartment... and I ended up making $784 in just 7 days … so I didn't consider $197 too much to pay in order to have the lifetime rights to work this system myself from my own home.

Especially when I also took into consideration that Paul had pretty much done all the hard work and research for me.

However, though I paid $197 myself, I wanted to make the remaining Full Fiverr Formula System Packages far more affordable to the average person. This program was, after all, designed to make it easy for ordinary people to become financially free.

Not just for the high-flyers, the entrepreneurs or the whiz kids, but for ordinary everyday people … people, I suppose, like myself a former parking valet … like Paul H******.

So here's what I finally decided…

I've made an agreement with Paul that I can offer the remaining Fiverr Formula MP3 Players that he had imported, together with all of the other training materials, with a NO RISK GUARANTEE.

Just Select Which Package You'd Like To Order Below

Click Here To Secure The Silver Edition Of The Fiverr Formula
Click Here To Secure The Silver Edition Of The Fiverr Formula
Click Here To Secure The Titanium Edition Of The Fiverr Formula

And of course, no matter which system package you choose, I'd still like to give you the chance to review the entire Fiverr Formula audio program and MP3 player package in your own home WITHOUT ANY RISK OR OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER.

100% RISK-FREE Money-Back Guarantee…

So here's what to do now…

With Paul's help, the remaining Fiverr Formula MP3 Players have already been boxed-up and are ready for immediate shipping.

Literally the only thing missing is your name and address on the box. Simply click one of the buttons below if you would like to secure your Fiverr Formula System

Just Select Which Package You'd Like To Order Below

Click Here To Secure The Silver Edition Of The Fiverr Formula
Click Here To Secure The Silver Edition Of The Fiverr Formula
Click Here To Secure The Titanium Edition Of The Fiverr Formula

Now I know in these types of offers you're always asked to 'Act Fast'…

…but in this case it really happens to be true for 2 reasons:

Firstly, I am NOT the product creator, so I have no control over the number of Fiverr Formula MP3 Players that I can release. When they are gone, they're gone. Remember, these are the ONLY ones I have … in fact, the ONLY sets in the country.

And secondly, I can ONLY GUARANTEE your FREE personal consultation with Paul H****** if I receive your Fiverr Formula Premium Edition request WITHIN 48 hours. That's the agreement I have with Paul.

Which is why you genuinely need to decide right now on this particular offer. Remember, the first point is VERY IMPORTANT.

At last count I ONLY have 43 Fiverr Formula MP3 Players available … and unfortunately I'm unable to initiate another duplication run once they're taken... And even if I could, it would probably take several months for them to arrive.

Put An End To Your Money Worries Forever And Live The Life YOU Truly Want…

Okay, with that said, I guess it's now up to you. All I can add, just in case you're still not sure, is that I truly believe whole-heartedly that the Fiverr Formula System available to you today is a once in a lifetime opportunity to img0050make a fantastic second income by either running this from home on a full-time basis or running this alongside your existing employment by just giving up half your lunch hour.

But you have to do something about it NOW!

Don't risk looking back in years to come and thinking "if only"...

When instead you should be retired or at the very least enjoying life the way YOU want.

If you seriously want a stress-free, risk-free way to make A Strong, Steady Second Income Of Up To Several Thousand Dollars Profit Every Month, by spending no more than just 30 minutes a day ... I can tell you now … having seen virtually everything that's been offered before … You'll just NEVER get a better opportunity than the one you have this very second.

I'm not promising this will make you a millionaire by bedtime but it can show you how to get to the point at which you have no financial worries relatively quickly … and I might add, without having to work around the clock to do it.

In a nutshell, what I'd like to send to you so you can review it and test it from the comfort and security of your own home for a whole month, is something that will show you how to turn small micro-jobbing profits into a steady additional monthly income. It's absolutely fascinating.

In Fact, With This, Like Paul, You Need NEVER Have To Work Another Day In Your Life Again Doing Something You Hate.

Now that's got to be worth at least making the effort to review this from the comfort of your own home. No pressure … just take a look at it at home and decide for yourself if it's for you or not.

You can even 'test drive' the system while you're making your mind up. Try it out … remember, you can get started with this with NO RISKS WHATSOEVER.

And it couldn't be easier to do. In fact, all you need to do is press the button below and complete your order. I'll then send you … the FIVERR FORMULA MP3 Player … by priority mail.

The sooner you do it, the sooner you can start and I'm not just talking about making the living you deserve, but having fun doing it too.

Just Select Which Package You'd Like To Order Below

Click Here To Secure The Silver Edition Of The Fiverr Formula
Click Here To Secure The Silver Edition Of The Fiverr Formula
Click Here To Secure The Titanium Edition Of The Fiverr Formula

Finally, thank you so much for taking the time to read this page. I promise, as soon as I receive your request, I'll send you your package to review the Fiverr Formula the very same day (or first thing the following morning if your order arrives after 3pm). Sound fair to you?

So it's up to you…


Nick James

P.S. Remember this is the ONLY business idea I've discovered which doesn't just reveal how to generate a steady secondary income from the Internet with ZERO RISKS and ZERO COSTS, but it also comes with an ACTUAL PLAN which takes just 30 minutes to do everything…

P.P.S. You have NOTHING TO LOSE whatsoever. You are completely covered by our 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee.

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